Scenic & Space Design

Our team of resident experts and partners specialist in crafting custom-built set designs for theatre, broadcast and exhibitions, combining interior-design know-how with artistic flair, grounded by architectural and engineering expertise.

Scenic Design

From developing and mapping the aesthetics of festivals and large-scale exhibitions, to building theatrical and stage set designs.

Interior Design

Providing stunning, captivating and theme-focused interior design services that elevates and accentuates its surrounding space. 

Art Installation

Curation, booking and managing artists. We are at the forefront of connecting commercial entities with the art scene.

Stage Design

As veteran events specialists, we understand the importance of spatial design and   visual aesthetics in proposing stage concepts that are at the heart of the event.


At LINKVIVA, we believe in creating the impossible. Often imitated, but never emulated, we’re often asked what is our secret recipe. We see ourselves as serving clients needs and objectives while advising on culture and economic experiences.

Grounded by results, driven by innovation, we are a multi-award winning agency with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry.

We create exceptional experiences that connects human behavior to the brands and companies in a way that creates lasting memories. With good memories comes brand and experience affinity, which results in measurable spend or engagement.