Interactive Media

Driven by innovation and human behavior, we endeavor to provide interactive and engaging solutions that bring brands closer to their audiences. Through immersive and digital technologies, we specialize in crafting the right blend of digital media to better communicate your brand’s story.


Virtual Events

Crafting and curating virtual experiences with the same care and attention that os required for in-person events.

Augmented Reality

We tell your brand story through the latest and innovative means. From using augmented layers and 3D models to explain complex subject matter and the adoption of gamification tools to engage with audiences.


Mobile & Web Applications

We build interactive, mobile and web responsive applications with the end-user in mind, driven by intuitive user-interfaces for optimum user-experiences.

Virtual Reality

Creating realistic and semi-realistic immersive environments that tantalise your senses and add an interactive dimension to your brands’s storytelling experience.


Projection Mapping

Innovative and bespoke 3D and 4D video mapping solutions from concept, using moving images, and customized video creation;  to execution.

Light Design

Our team and partners of light design specialists, we create innovative lighting designs that enhance the experience and narrative of what you want to say and do.


Gaming Development

Incorporating elements of gaming and gamification to create engaging platforms that connect the brand to the user.

MOTB 2020

Content Creation 2D/3D/Video

Combining and specializing in mixed media content design, incorporating animation, motion graphics and video production techniques to produce captivating storytelling.


Audio Production

High quality audio production, capture and engineering for all events and occasions.


At LINKVIVA, we believe in creating the impossible. Often imitated, but never emulated, we’re often asked what is our secret recipe. We see ourselves as serving clients needs and objectives while advising on culture and economic experiences.

Grounded by results, driven by innovation, we are a multi-award winning agency with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry.

We create exceptional experiences that connects human behavior to the brands and companies in a way that creates lasting memories. With good memories comes brand and experience affinity, which results in measurable spend or engagement.